A Reliable Japanese Shop

EXC Japan Cosplay Shop’s cosplay costumes are inspected twice, at both the workshop and office, so that we only deliver products that fulfill our standards.

We also do made to order.
We support requests for order size from customers.

If you don’t know where to buy a costume, whether you are a cosplayer who wants to try a new character this season, or a first time cosplayer, EXC Japan Cosplay Shop has an answer to your question:

“Choose a shop you can trust.”

EXC Japan Cosplay Shop’s number one objective is to create trust with customers.

EXC Japan Cosplay Shop is a cosplay costume e-commerce specialty store that has thoroughly considered costume quality, price, and how to respond to customer needs, making it a shop you will want to buy from again.



Q. Why aren’t the cosplay costumes delivered immediately?

A. Not just this shop, but in general most cosplay sold is built-to-order.
Please take care that from placing your order, it will usually take 2–4 weeks to arrive.

Also, there are many costumes where parts are made overseas, so due to conditions of transport and customs there are cases where it takes longer. If you need your costume for a specific day, it is best to order early.


Q. How are order sizes measured?

A. If the existing sizes do not fit we will take an order for size. Please always measure the size as a nude size.



At our company, Japanese designers specialized in cosplay do the design, and production is carried out in a workshop in Japan.
Final inspection and adjustments are made by our staff, and the articles are then shipped from Japan to locations worldwide.
The quality of fabrics is strictly checked, and disqualified materials are never accepted or used.

We provide the best selection of cosplay costumes and props from Japan to worldwide cosplay shops and events. Each of our products are made for you.




EXC Japan Cosplay Shop

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